Purpose and Scope

Main Purposes
The main purpose of CSS JOURNAL is to publish studies to be carried out with an interdisciplinary approach in the field of Social, Humanities, and Administrative Sciences, covering the highest standards and to become an internationally recognized journal in line with this purpose.

In line with this purpose, it accepts studies in the basic fields of social, human, and administrative sciences determined by YÖK and ÜAK. The field in question includes "Forensic Social Sciences, Field Studies, Archaeology, Ataturk's Principles and Republic History, European Union, Human and Economic Geography, Information and Document Management, Regional Studies, Contemporary World History, Child Development, Linguistics, Econometrics, Ancient History." , Philosophy, Finance, Physical Anthropology and Paleoanthropology, Physical Geography, Journalism and Media Studies, Developmental Psychology, General Turkish History, Visual Communication Design, Security Studies, Public Relations, Economic Thought, Economic History, Communication Studies, Public Administration, Clinical Psychology, Macroeconomics, Finance, Microeconomics, Accounting, Quantitative Decision Methods, Medieval History, Ottoman Institutions and Civilization, Learning-Cognitive-Bio-Experimental Psychology, Marketing, Psychometrics, Advertising, Art History, Cinema, Political Thoughts, Political Life and Institutions , Political Science, Political History, Social Work, Social Policy, Social Psychology, Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Portable Cultural Assets/Artworks Restoration and Conservation, Tourism, International Economics, International Relations, International Trade, Applied Psychology, Production Management, Our aim is to become a highly cited journal that can be followed globally and accept publications in the fields of "Modern History, Modern History, Local Governments, Urban and Environmental Policies, Management Information Systems and Management and Organization".

Focus and Scope

CSS Journal focuses on creating a basis for providing different perspectives to researchers who will work in the field of social sciences or those who will transfer this research to the field of application.