About the Journal

International Journal of Contemporary Social Sciences (CSS JOURNAL) published its first issue in December 2023. CSS Journal, which aims to bring together theory, practice and research studies in the field of social sciences with an interdisciplinary approach, is a peer-reviewed journal focused on academic studies. In line with this purpose, it focuses on creating a basis to offer different perspectives to researchers who will work in the field of social sciences or those who will transfer this research to the field of application. For this reason, it includes acting with a supportive approach in publishing research that may have a long-term impact.

CSS Journal supports individuals and institutions working in the field of social sciences through building bridges and collaborative studies between researchers. CSS Journal, which will be published three times a year (April, August, and December) starting in 2024, does not only prioritize interdisciplinary studies in English. However, researchers who want to publish in Turkish can be given the opportunity, provided that the full text is in English.